Take 2 Gives Alabama Man $1 Million for Perfect Game

Glorified rounders man wins lifetime of cash

Posted by Staff
Take 2 Gives Alabama Man $1 Million for Perfect Game
Take 2 has handed 23 year-old Wade McGilberry from Mobile, Alabama one million dollars for pitching a perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K10.

That's right: $1,000,000 for not letting virtual baseball batters reach base/ A million dollars.

Apparently, says AP, "the feat in just an hour and a half". Wade and wife, Katy, are going to start a family with the money - we assume not in a Madonna/Angelina Jolie kind of an extended rental sort of a way.

Jason Argent, vice president of marketing at Take-Two's 2K Sports business said of the feat, "We knew it would be difficult but not impossible."

Wade's wife actually told him to take the day off in order to get a head start in the competition. But Wade said, "I thought about the responsible thing to do was to go to work." So, he did, then came home and played the game.


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