BioShock - Hi-Res X06 Trailer

Underwater, nobody can hear you scream.

Posted by Staff
SPOnG’s pretty pumped about BioShock from Irrational Games as you can read from our initial preview of the game back in the summer.

Now that the dull, cold Autumn is here (or ‘Q4’ in games industry speak) we need more and better trailers of forthcoming next-gen big hitters to help us through the darkening days.

So what better trailer could we ask for than the latest X06 BioShock spurt, in glorious high resolution, so you can finally see what we (and pretty much every other games media outlet) were getting so excited about when we first saw the game back at E3.

For further details on the game, you can check SPOnG’s Bioshock page and grab this latest trailer in your preferred format.

MPEG4 XviD (29.2MB)
Quicktime (31.5MB)
Windows Media (29.4MB)


hollywooda 3 Oct 2006 15:02
Cant wait for this game looks amazing! & very diffrent.
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