Take 2 Thanks Duke Nukem and L.A. Noire for Loss

Zelnick is upbeat

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Take 2 Thanks Duke Nukem and L.A. Noire for Loss
Take Two Interactive has released its figures for its first fiscal quarter of 2012 (ending June 30th 2011): "For the first quarter ended June 30, 2011, net revenue was $334.4 million, as compared to $375.4 million for the year-ago period", it says.

So, that would be a loss then of $41m then. The company also states its net income for the period, and that makes some unpleasant reading:

Net income: Period three months to June 30th 2011 -$8,713 versus Period to June 30th 2010 +$26,314m

That's also a loss then.

Nevertheless - and of course - Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two, commented, "During the first quarter, we delivered revenue and Non-GAAP profits that were in line with our expectations.

"Our results benefited from the launch of Rockstar's groundbreaking and critically acclaimed title - L.A. Noire, the release of Duke Nukem Forever, continued strong sales of NBA 2K11 and Red Dead Redemption, and growth in digitally delivered content.

"Given our solid performance year-to-date and robust pipeline of upcoming new releases, we are well positioned to be profitable on a Non-GAAP basis in fiscal year 2012."

He also looks ahead, "Looking ahead to fiscal year 2013, we have already announced three exciting new releases: BioShock Infinite, Spec Ops: The Line, and Borderlands 2, and we have a very strong pipeline of yet-to-be announced titles in development.

"As a result, we continue to expect to achieve substantial revenue and earnings growth, including Non-GAAP net income in excess of $2.00 per share."

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chris 9 Aug 2011 14:03
Anyone else see the grand theft auto v official webpage? I typed in http://gtav.com and a website pops up now for GTA V. They had on there that the game will be released in 2012, and set in Los Angeles. I really hope they don't do LA for the game, I prefer something overseas so the game has a different feeling. Though if they did do LA it would be cool to have some rappers and cool actors in the game. Slap around a few of those bums!
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