Max Payne sequel screens appear

Take 2 takes a second pop at the world's happiest man.

Posted by Staff
Although it was kept pretty much under wraps at this year’s E3, the sequel to Take 2’s Max Payne, The Fall of Max Payne, seems to be getting a bit of exposure lately, namely with the emergence of these first screens.

Very little has been confirmed about the game to date, and the fact that the shots look very much like cut-scenes doesn’t help matters either. It can be assumed, however, that Max will be a bit miffed and so therefore find solace in venturing around a series of dark and gloomy environments shooting lots of bad guys. One thing the images can confirm, though, is that Max now seems to be completely devoid of his ever-present constipated grimace – perhaps level one features the quest for a high fibre diet.


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