Guinness World Records Eyes Up GTA IV

World record chroniclers expecting Rockstar game to be "phenomenon"

Posted by Staff
Guinness World Records has decided to get in on the media frenzy surrounding the imminent release of Grand Theft Auto IV, telling us that it has an eye on Rockstar's blockbuster-to-be.

An announcement from Guinness World Records tells us that it "will be closely watching the release of Grand Theft Auto IV as a potential record-breaking phenomenon."

With the amount of excitement swirling around the game right now, SPOnG will be stunned if GTA IV doesn't break any records.

Guinness World Records was also good enough to dish up a list of records that the GTA series has bagged thus far. The list runs as follows:

• First Full “Sandbox” Action-Adventure- GTA III
• Biggest Selling Game of 2001- GTA III
• Biggest Selling Game of 2002- GTA: Vice City
• Best-selling Playstation 2 game of all time- GTA: Vice City
• Best-selling PSP game of all time- GTA: Liberty City Stories
• Largest in-game soundtrack- GTA: San Andreas
• Largest Voice Cast in a video game- GTA: San Andreas
• Most Guest Stars In A Video Game Series- Grand Theft Auto Franchise

For more on GTA IV, check out SPOnG's latest hands on.


irritant 28 Apr 2008 15:52
"First Full “Sandbox” Action-Adventure- GTA III" ??

What about Elite? I seem to think that was around first...
majin dboy 28 Apr 2008 16:44
GTA will smash Halo 3 in sales figures.

my house is gettin 2 copies, one for my 360 and 1 for my bros PS3.
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David Armstrong 28 Apr 2008 17:21
Am I the only person who doesn't really care about this game. GTA III was interesting but since that Rockstar's just be living of what I like to call 'shock sales', where the more the media is (occasionally rightly) appalled by content the more people want the game.

Anyway, I reserve judgement until play.
irritant 28 Apr 2008 17:49
David Armstrong wrote:
Am I the only person who doesn't really care about this game.

Nah, I'm the same. I played the original GTA, GTA2 and GTA3 and found all of them to be fun for 15 mins and then utterly boring. I plan to borrow this one from a friend to experience the undeniably impressive technical achievement and see if I'm wrong in my prediction that I'll find the actual game boring.

I too feel that Rockstar are banking on negative publicity that is likely to be produced from their games and suspect that they "plant" a lot of the negative press themselves in the media (given that they hired Max Clifford to publicised the 1st game and it worked wonders for them).
mrAnthony 28 Apr 2008 19:24
me too, i literally juts posted in another thread "AM I the only person on the planet not buying this game"

at least im not alone,

and btw, your sarcastic signature made me chuckle.
Joji 28 Apr 2008 21:50
Well I don't know about you guys, but I want GTA4 for two reasons, achievements and online multiplay. If the game is a blast as well that helps too.

I previously purchased GTA:SA and I never finished it. The way you had to be specificly somewhere to save was damn awful.

Sandbox games sometimes can give you too much to do with their lack of structure, however Crackdown was the first sandbox game that bucked that trend. I hope to god Rockstar have learned from Crackdown on how to keep things fun.
irritant 29 Apr 2008 09:50
mrAnthony wrote:
and btw, your sarcastic signature made me chuckle.

I'm glad it made someone chuckle. I added it in response to some troll's sig bragging about having a 360 Elite, HD DVD and a TV to connect it to.

I should really change mine now, I've upgraded to an Acorn Electron, 52" Sony Bravia, Plus 3 Floppy Drive and 256MB GoMMC Hard Drive...
mrAnthony 29 Apr 2008 10:26
i had a feeling it might have been something to do with that person that we musnt ever speak of.
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