Take 2 and SEGA Sign Exclusive Contract

ESPN games to benefit from mighty corporate teamwork.

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Shot from SEGA's ESPN NFL 2005
Shot from SEGA's ESPN NFL 2005
Take 2 Interactive announced today that it has signed an exclusive deal with SEGA to publish and distribute all of SEGA’s ESPN Sports range worldwide. The deal has no fixed expiration date, and so Take 2 will be able to extend this arrangement to handle any ESPN game for release on the next generation of consoles and beyond. Paul Eibeler, president of Take 2, is confident about the company’s decision, declaring, “We have tremendous respect for the critically acclaimed properties that Visual Concepts [the relevant subsidiary of SEGA] has created and we are confident that our global sales and distribution capabilities provide the resources that will fully support these products."

Take 2 is well-versed in aggressive marketing tactics, and is promising an expansive strategy for the future. Citing Sony and Microsoft’s own sports ranges as the main competitors in this sector, the company hopes to expand on the reputations that characterise existing ESPN games. The next roster of related titles will maintain the US-centric tradition, with American football, ice-hockey, baseball and basketball games leading the way. As yet, there is no news with regard to the possibility of any other sports getting coverage.


Joji 8 Jun 2004 13:56
Well ofcourse you musn't leave the u.s out of anything, must you? Good news all the same.
David Bulwer 8 Jun 2004 20:49
Do any non americans understand tactics in the American Football games? I can just about get my head around Nickel and Dime and Shotgun but audibles, linebackers and flags on the play leave me cold. But I still own 2 or 3 games. And can do quite well.

It must be like women and the offside rule.
NiktheGreek 8 Jun 2004 23:25
The quality of the Sega Sports range has never been in question - with Take 2 publishing, we could see the word get around a bit more and create a serious challenger for EA.
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