GTA IV Trailer Incoming!

Box art unveiled

Posted by Staff
GTA IV Trailer Incoming!
Rockstar has revealed that a new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer is on the way in December.

The new trailer will carry the mysterious title, 'Move up, ladies'. SPOnG hopes Rockstar isn't angling at more hot coffee or, for that matter, anything resembling the hideously dull personal dances available in Mass Effect. In any case, the trailer will be available from December 6th. Keep your eye on SPOnG for the goods when they land.

Also unveiled is the GTA IV box art, pictured right. Rockstar's stuck with what it knows here, following the format of previous releases. Car? Check. Bike? Check. Helicopter? Check. Sexy lady, possibly of a loose persuasion? Check. Oh, and guns...

You can find a preview of GTA IV here and catch all the latest news, screens and other tidbits here.


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