And You Thought Vice City Couldn’t Piss off Anyone Else

But you were wrong.

Posted by Staff
Run for the hills! He's got a fish!
Run for the hills! He's got a fish!
Amazingly, Grand Theft Auto has managed to greatly annoy another set of people. Aside from inspiring an impending murder case and outraging the gay community and parental bodies, Rockstar North has now offended the population of Haiti.

Indeed, the Haitians - famous for abject poverty and Steely Dan songs about divorce - are most annoyed at the way they are represented in GTA Vice City, wherein some of their inhabitants are rather nasty drug traffickers.

The Haitian Centres Council and Haitian Americans for Human Rights have claimed that both Rockstar Games and Take 2 have portrayed all Haitians as “evil drug dealers”, and that they "advocate the killing of Haitians as entertainment."


Dr. Henry Frank, Director of the Haitian Centres Council said, "To kill the Haitians like beasts, like nothing, you are attacking our self-esteem, our respect and everything that we have. You don't know where you are going to get some crazy mind who will apply exactly what they have seen on the game."

Double ouch!

In fairness to Rockstar though, the CIA World Factbook cites Haiti for "major Caribbean transshipment point for cocaine en route to the US and Europe; substantial money-laundering activity; Colombian narcotics traffickers favor Haiti for illicit financial transactions; pervasive corruption".


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