Government Responds To Manhunt 2 Petition

"Not our problem"

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Government Responds To Manhunt 2 Petition
The government has responded to the petition to the Prime Minister objecting to Manhunt 2's banning by the BBFC. Unsurprisingly the response says (to paraphrase) "We're leaving it to the BBFC."

Specifically, the crux of the statement reads, "The Government is satisfied with the BBFC's procedure and with the provisions for appeal, and will not be intervening in this process." Note the fact that the government refers to the BBFC's procedure, not Manhunt 2 itself. The government is, essentially, holding up its hands and saying "not our problem."

The statement in full reads:

"The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) considers all works - whether film, video or game - submitted to it against a set of guidelines (available on its website - The guidelines take into account the law and also public opinion. This means that the guidelines can and do change periodically, reflecting changing public opinion.

"The BBFC considered Manhunt 2 and concluded that, within the current guidelines, it could not be given a classification. The BBFC takes its responsibilities very seriously and it uses its powers to reject works extremely rarely. Details can be found on its website.

"There is an appeals procedure which the game's producers are apparently pursuing.

"The Government is satisfied with the BBFC's procedure and with the provisions for appeal, and will not be intervening in this process.

"The Government has recently announced a review aimed at helping parents ensure that their children are protected from exposure to inappropriate material in games. This is not intended to restrict the choice of material available to adults."

Quite why it has taken the government nearly three months to release this vacuous response, SPOnG is unsure. It certainly doesn't seem that the government ever had any intention to get involved beyond a vague nod of approval in the BBFC's direction.

This approach is reflected in the governments above-mentioned review of games. It has thrown the issue out to a citizen's jury and appointed a TV personality to run the investigation. In other words, it wants to be seen to be active on the issue of violence in games without actually having to upset anyone. SPOnG's Forum is open as ever to your opinion on the subject.

You can find the response here.


Joji 18 Sep 2007 21:36
Why am I not surprised by this? All these MPs care about is getting their seat in power and staying there. Gamers are also voters and the least they deserve is a decent answer. Shows just how much they care.

That's right. Throw us to the biased established media wolves and a citizens jury, the same lot that don't get games at all (we'll be explaining games aren't just for kids forever at this rate), and those they barely understand them misrepresent them in an unfair way. Trial by tv will never work for games, because they (especially Sky and the BBC) are rivals for entertainment customers. Why can't those muppets in power see that?

I hope Manhunt 2 passes its appeal anyway.

SuperSaiyan4 19 Sep 2007 09:25
I say this game SHOULD be banned is just violent for no reason and its FAR too violent and is extremely sick.

There is no fun in this game and I agree on it being banned.
Joji 19 Sep 2007 11:15
I don't see how you can say that when we've barely seen anything of it. Sure, some of it is strong and walking the edge, but nothing we don't see in other media.

Have you played it to say there's no fun in it? Because if you have, I'd like the choice to make up my own adult mind on that view. Are you going to deny me that with double standard?

Hey what's that on the local book shop shelf. American Psycho, you say. A book much darker than anything Manhunt is doing but its still on sale (try reading some of it Saiyan). Then you'll understand why banning Manhunt 2 is so wrong.
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