Take-Two: DLC for All Games

T2 talks the future of distribution

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Take-Two: DLC for All Games
While The Lost and Damned might have done good business for Take-Two, the company still sees retail as its primary distribution channel - at least for now.

Ben Feder, CEO and director of T2, noted in a call to analysts that, "I think one of the lessons that not just in this download but some other download experiences, itís clear that retail is the channel for the foreseeable future".

T2 is also, however, dead chuffed with how the GTA IV DLC has done so far. Feder added that "everything is going to have a download component, needs to have a download component to it and this is kind of one of the key lessons". Yes, he said "everything".

There's more in the full transcript over on Seeking Alpha.

Speaking of GTA IV DLC - the first video for The Ballad of Gay Tony just surfaced.


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