Take Two Tanks After EA Withdrawal

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Take Two Tanks After EA Withdrawal
The share price in GTA IV and BioShock owner, Take-Two Interactive, headed south yesterday following news that Electronic Arts was withdrawing its $25.74 (12 or 18) per share offer for the company.

Seems like loyal stockholders and beady-eyed analysts didn't like the look of nearly $26 per share disappearing with no new GTA property in sight (outside of the newish Nintendo DS Chinatown Wars, a PC version and the long, long, long awaited DLC). So, at close of trade yesterday the stock closed at $16.57 (9.25 or 11.60). This is somewhat down from the $21.89 (12.20 or 15.40) the previous week or $26.63 (15 or 18.70) on April 29th - the day of GTA IV's console launch.

Still, this is all about those people waiting for the EA deal, pulling out after the anticlimax. They probably put their cash into something solid like Manchester United sponsor, AIG.


deleted 16 Sep 2008 13:16
AIG, lol very good!

They could use XL airlines to get here!
SuperSaiyan4 17 Sep 2008 08:46
And now we wait for EA to come in very soon as chuckle as they make a newer offer where its lower than the current market shares...
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