Fresh GTA Chinatown Wars Details Emerge

Full sandbox play and a 'Mature' rating

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Fresh GTA Chinatown Wars Details Emerge
Some fresh details about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS have finally spilled forth thanks to the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

First and foremost, the game features full sandbox play, with a good-sized portion of Liberty City included. It will also carry the rating 'M' (for 'mature') in the US, so no cop-outs there.

The point of view will be isometric, bridging the gap between more old-school top-down GTA play and this new-fangled, regular third-person stuff. The graphics will be cel-shaded with a black outline, so we don't have to worry about an attempt at an overly realistic look on the DS.

Because it's a DS game, there will be mini-games. Said mini-games, however, are apparently "tasteful". SPOnG's withholding judgement on that one.

The user interface will be presented as that of a PDA, with e-mail, contacts, map, a music player, GPS and stat-tracking all running through it. Additionally, players will be able to upload stats to the Rockstar Social Club website via Wi-fi.

Other details include full day/night and weather cycles, a 'Wanted' system in which players must disable police cars by any means necessary and plenty of pedestrians to mow down.

More on GTA: Chinatown Wars as we get it.

Source: Nintendo Power via NeoGaf


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