GTA IV Publisher - Unlikely to Break Up Company


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GTA IV Publisher - Unlikely to Break Up Company
Take-Two Interactive is in "formal discussions right now, not in negotiations" with other strategic partners who might - or might not be Electronic Arts - according to a transcript of its recent analysts' call.

Also included in that call is the fact that the board - lead by Strauss Zelnick of ZelnickMedia - is not currently considering breaking up Take-Two by selling off Rockstar Games or 2K Games. Zelnick responded to the question, "...would you ever look at divesting different labels or brands, just 2K Sports or the Games division just to maximize shareholder value as you go through this process...?" as follows:

"You know, I dont think it would maximize shareholder value to piece apart the Company, and we really would be wed be loathe to do that because we dont think its how you create value in this business."

So, while discussions (not negotations) are ongoing, at least we can be happy in the knowledge that Strauss Zelnick would be 'loathe' to break up a winning team.

Source:Take Two Interactive


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