4 x 4 Evolution revolution solution for PlayStation 2

On-line multi-player racing makes its way onto Sonyís next-generation platform in the shape of Take2ís 4x4 Evolution.

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4 x 4 Evolution revolution solution for PlayStation 2
If you love the sound of powerful 800 brake horsepower engines and the excitement of off-road racing then this is the game for you.

4x4 Evo will offer a choice of more than 70 vehicles, enabling players to pick monsters like Toyotas and Land Rovers with which to demolish the competition.

The most interesting aspect of Evolution is how truly 3D it is. It will be up to you what path you take to the finish line. Itís no hold-barred racing and being nice isnít in your best interest.

In 4x4 Evolution you will be able to use the money that you win from coming first to buy new parts and upgrades for your vehicle. The handling characteristics vary greatly depending on the car you choose, so itís important to pick one that feels right for you.

When the PlayStation 2 modem is finally released, Evolution will ready for on-line play. You will be able compete with other PlayStation owners around the country to find out who the quickest driver is. It will also be possible to race against Dreamcast and PC players.

4x4 Evolution will be out in the month of March, keep your eyes open.


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