Take 2 Takes on Drakengard

A new Square Enix game, a new publisher.

Posted by Staff
It's been announced that Take 2 Interactive, the company behind Rockstar Games and Gathering of Developers, has acquired the rights to publish Square Enix's forthcoming Drakengard RPG.

The move makes Take 2 Square Enix's fourth known European publisher of its games after Sony, Infogrames and Electronic Arts. Why the Japanese RPG giant doesn't publish its own titles is unknown, but with Square Enix now promising to pay more attention to the PAL market, it would make sense.

Drakengard is supposedly a 'unique' RPG - if there is such a thing - that boasts creativity from developers behind A-list games such as Ace Combat, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil Code Veronica. Should be good, then.

President of Take 2 Europe Gary Lewis stated: "We commend Square Enix for their fresh and innovative approach to RPG with Drakengard and are optimistic about the opportunity to distribute, market, and support this game."

No date has been confirmed for Drakengard as yet, but an autumn 2004 release is looking likely. We'll keep you posted.


sue_raas 16 Mar 2004 12:56
In my experience, RPG stands for 'right plodding gameplay'. It'll be interesting to see if there are any shades of Ace Combat found in Drakengard. I doubt that there will, but you never know.
lstr 16 Mar 2004 14:36
It's a horrid horrid game. Reviews on the US sites are way too kind. Stay away. Bad Sqeenix... BAD!
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Rod Todd 16 Mar 2004 19:54
lstr wrote:

>It's a horrid horrid game. Reviews on the US
>sites are way too kind. Stay away. Bad Sqeenix...

But Dude, Squeenix is your friend. After Parasite Eve, and Final Fantasy, we have to trust them, to love them, to hold them close to our bussoms and stroke their littl ehead. And we have to excuse them if they make the odd little mistake.

Squeenix ratio of good games to bad is about 98% higher than EA's.
lstr 18 Mar 2004 14:55
No matter how much you love a puppy, you still get mad when it craps on your carpet.
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