Take-Two has Natal Dev Kits - Where's PS3 Motion?

Natal kits "embedded" in T2 studios

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Take-Two has Natal Dev Kits - Where's PS3 Motion?
You might not be surprised to hear that Take-Two is investigating Natal. Ben Feder (CEO and director of T2) has, however, given us reason to doubt whether his company has anything in the pipeline for Sony's motion controller.

In an earnings call following T2's financial results an analyst asked (among other things), "what does the launch of Project Natal and Sonyís motion sensor mean for Take-Two next year and are you guys already working on titles that are going to utilize those capabilities?"

Feder responded with, "Natal motion sensor, yes, we have dev kits. Yes we are working on them. Obviously canít comment on games that we havenít announced but those dev kits are embedded in all of our studios or just about all of our studios and everybody is working with them to try to figure out new ways in which we can innovate and create the kind of content that this company is famous for. So yes, we are working on it."

You'll notice that there's no mention of the PS3 motion controller in there...

Source: Seeking Alpha


gamerz 2 Sep 2009 13:08
spencer 2 Sep 2009 22:53
Already confirmed to be working on ps3 motion as well.
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Dark Cloud 2 Sep 2009 23:31
Just because there isn't quote of them saying it doesn't mean they are not working on the PS3 motion controller, because they are, according to a more reliable gaming site Destructoid (amongst others like IGN)- http://www.destructoid.com/take-two-messing-around-with-natal-ps-motion-controller-147217.phtml

The quote you're basing your article seems like a direct answer to someone specifically asking about the "Natal" dev kits. The wording of his answer also seems to indicate he was trying to answer more than one questions which may have also included the PS3 motion controller.

Perhaps you should do more research before jumping to conclusions about whether they are working on the PS3 motion controller or not.
mr tell the truth 3 Sep 2009 22:24
i for one dont want this tech as waving your arms and legs infront of a tv just makes you look like a sexual deviant.
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