Unseasonal Extended Mafia II Video Released

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2K has put out an extended and now-unseasonal version of its festive Mafia II video. SPOnG has it in all its wintry glory below.

2K also saw fit to release an explanation of the video from Tomas Hrebicek, lead animator at 2K Czech, the developer of the game. It goes thusly:

"Weve been receiving a lot of questions about whether or not the trailer was real-time and Im here to clear the air. It really was. All the scenes were completely created in our editor the same way we create cutscenes for the game. Our cutscene editor is a very powerful tool. Besides, we can see it all real-time which makes our work a lot easier. There was absolutely no need to modify the resulting video in the postproduction.

"Because everything was created solely in our editor, only our in-game scenes and models were used. So what you see here is great representation of the quality of work that you will see throughout Mafia II. Of course, this is not the end yet, and frame rate and other technical issues are still being tweaked in order to have the game working smoothly on all the platforms we create it for.

"The common theme found in the trailer is the same common theme found throughout the entirety of Mafia II; strong interpersonal relationships. Of course, when playing you will experience all kinds of shootouts, car chases, and fights, but what I think is the most important is to identify yourselves with the main character and those close to him. Every single thing you do in the game causes a corresponding reaction. And it is only up to you what you do."

You can see the video below...



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