Now Malaysia Calls for GTA IV Ban

If it's on sale in Malaysia, anyway

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Now Malaysia Calls for GTA IV Ban
The games industry has grudgingly come to accept that we will see some preposterously ill-informed outcries from the mainstream media and consumer groups about interactive entertainment. Seldom, however, has SPOnG seen quite such a bizarre statement on the subject of games as that by S.M. Mohamed Idris, president of the Consumers Association of Penang (Malaysia) about banning GTA.

Reacting to the supposedly GTA-related killing of a taxi driver in Thailand, Idris has called for the banning of the game in Malaysia. If, that is, the game is even sold there. In an article published by The Star Online (an "information portal on the Internet", according to the site), he demanded:

"If this particular video game is available in Malaysia, CAP calls on the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to immediately halt its sales and ban this game. The Ministry should also warn the public and any stocks that have already been sold should be recalled."

So... he couldn't even be bothered to check if the game is available in his country before he wasted everyone's time with his hysterical knee-jerk reactions? SPOnG would also be veeerry interested to know quite how Idris expects the Malaysian government to extract each and every copy of the game from the homes of those who have bought it.

We shouldn't be surprised to see this ill-informed outpouring from CAP, however. This is a group that still sees rock music as a threat to society.

Source: The Star Online


GTA_Fan 24 Nov 2009 08:31
i guess he's computer are junk enough not to support the game....
That's why he's jealous.... He also don't have the money to buy PS3...
P/s: GTA are awesome!!!!!
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