UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football

Oh, and a cracking week for Animal Crossing

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UK Charts: Football, Movies, Football
The UK entertainment software market bounces back this week, following on from the lowest sales week in over two years, boosted by launches of leading film tie-ins and continuing healthy sales of a number of football titles as World Cup fever takes hold of the nation.

EAís FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 tops the All Formats chart for the fourth consecutive week, boosted by the PSP version's release last Friday, which also shoots straight to the top of the PSP chart this week. Konamiís critically-lauded Pro Evolution Soccer 5 dribbles up the chart from four to two, due to its hugely successful budget re-release.

Eidos Interactiveís Tomb Raider Legend, suffering a little from the World Cup wife syndrome, drops down one place to three this week, though the company has still had a pretty successful sales week, with Championship Manager 2006 hanging on in at five.

A successful week also for Nintendo last week, as following close behind Lara is Animal Crossing: Wild World, which jumps up three places from seven to four, following the successful television advertising campaign.

Elsewhere in the world of the DS, hardcore gamer favourite Metroid Prime: Hunters drops from 11 to 26, whilst Pokemon Link falls six places from 18 to 24. It would seem that the focus on casual gamers is paying dividends for Nintendo. SPOnG hopes however that they donít give up on the hardcore altogether.

Itís also a good week for movie tie-ins, with Activisionís X-Men: The Official Game straight in at six. The game is bound to shoot up the chart next week, as the movie releases in the UK this coming Friday. We will be amongst the unwashed masses, stuffing ourselves with overpriced popcorn at our local multiplex this Friday.

Take 2ís The Da Vinci Code debuts this week, straight in at 12, boosted of course by the interest in the critically-panned movie, based on a badly written book which everybody still seems to have agreed to read on the London Underground.

In other new releases, Urban Chaos: Riot Response from Eidos Interactive debuts in the All Formats chart this week at 17, proof positive (not that it was needed) that highly violent games about renegade law enforcement officers set in a dystopian science fiction future will always have a special place in a young boyís heart.


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