New Director Surfaces for BioShock

28 Weeks Later man Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in talks with Universal

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New Director Surfaces for BioShock
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of 28 Weeks Later, is in talks to fill the shoes of Gore Verbinski as director on Universal's upcoming BioShock movie, according to Variety. Yes, we know that 28 Weeks Later was rubbish compared to 28 Days Later, but give the guy a break, at least he didn't direct Sunshine.

The publication reports that Fresnadillo's attachment is still awaiting thumbs up from Take-Two, which has director approval on the project. Fresnadillo's producing partner, Enrique Lopez Lavigne, is reportedly in discussions to come on board as a producer.

Pirates of the Caribbean director, Verbinski, was previously set to direct the film. When Universal began looking at shooting the film abroad to make use of tax credits and a favourable exchange rate, however, Verbinski pulled out. He was unable to commit to an overseas shoot due to his involvement as director with Rango, an animated Paramount feature set to star Johnny Depp. Verbinski will still serve as a producer on the BioShock film.

Fresnadillo appeared in 2001 with Spanish thriller Intacto before going on to direct 28 Weeks Later.


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