Take 2 CEO: New GTA Announcement When We're Ready

Also talks of PS3 MOVE as "Wii in HD"

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Take 2 CEO: New GTA Announcement When We're Ready
The CEO of publisher Take-Two, Ben Feder, has told financial bigwigs at a corporate event this week that PS3 Move is Wii HD, and that while there's no "GTA V" announcement just now, there is going to be one.

Feder remained tight lipped on any news regarding the next GTA game and explained that "I appreciate everyone's concern and interest as to when the game is coming out. We're not prepared to announce it today, but when we are, we'll let you know."

Feder also told analysts and investors at the Kaufman Brothers, L.P. Investor Conference in New York City yesterday that "Good games don't make it any more, in fact, good is the new bad. Games have to be great."

Talking about the upcoming Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move controller releases, Feder stated that,
"What Sony and Microsoft have really done with Kinect and Move, especially Move, is provide a bridge for guys that are used to playing the Wii system with the wand and bringing them over to a HD system,"

"The PS3 with Move, in my view, is the Wii HD system."

Do you agree with the comments made by Feder? Do you see the Move as the Wii in HD? And what about Nintendo releasing a future machine to answer that? Direct all your thoughts to the comments below.

Source: IGN


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