Paying: Take-Two's $20 Million GTA Class Action

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Paying: Take-Two's $20 Million GTA Class Action
Back in 2005, Paul Eibeler, Take-Two's then chief executive said, "We look forward to putting this behind us and concentrating on what we do best, creating interactive entertainment", he was talking about the Hot Coffee 'scandal'. Well, only four and half years later - and like Eibeler himself - the case has been closed with Take Two agreeing to pay $20,115,000 into a class action suit settlement fund.

In case you're new to the 'scandal' it concerned a modification that could be made the PC copies of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that enabled players to see nude people having sex with each other. Take-Two had not announced the fact that, if you put enough effort into the mod, you would indeed find sex in the game. Some people in the USA became outraged that, while it was announced that you could steal things, hit people and kill people, the fact that if you made changes to the game and really went and looked for it, doing what comes naturally wasn't announced. Hence the class action suit.

The official statement on the matter reads: "Under the proposed settlement, the class action will be dismissed in exchange for an aggregate payment of $20,115,000 into a settlement fund for the benefit of class members, of which $15,200,000 will be paid by the Company’s insurance carriers, and $4,915,000 will be paid by the Company. Take-Two fully accrued for its portion of the settlement costs over several quarters ended April 30, 2009.

"The Company also agreed to supplement the substantial changes that it has already implemented in its corporate governance policies and practices. The settlement is subject to the completion of final documentation and preliminary and final approval by the Court."

So, there you go. Curtain twitching puritans 1 vs old video game 0.


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