Bioshock Latest – New Trailer and Website Unveiled

Latest on Irrational Games’ most-wanted title for 2007

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We first looked at Irrational/2K Games’ awesome underwater retro shooter Bioshock at Microsoft's X06 event way back in May. The game is way up there in our most-wanted for 2007, so it’s nice to bring word of a new Bioshock website and trailer today.

For those who need filling in on what Bioshock is all about then imagine a strange underwater 1950’s art-deco Utopia gone wrong. Then try to imagine some highly strange genetically modified weirdoes chasing you around this watery dystopia. Then remember that funny nightmare you had the other night after you ate too much camembert just before bed. You get the idea.

For a more detailed preview you can check out SPOnG’s full E3 hands on preview right here.

SPOnG has just received the latest Bioshock trailer which you can now grab from the links right here:

MPEG4 XviD (8.4MB)
Quicktime (8.9MB)
Windows Media (10.3MB)

More info is also coming through on the 'Plasmids' in the game – the weird substances which the characters in the game inject themselves with in order to genetically modify themselves in various strange and surreal ways.

In the meantime, you can also check out the new official Bioshock website at 2kgames/com.bioshock.


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