Rumour: Duke Nukem Set for Gearbox Reboot

There may be life in the old duke yet

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Rumour: Duke Nukem Set for Gearbox Reboot
Apparently unconcerned by Duke Nukem Forever's poor performance, Gearbox is reportedly planning on rebooting the Duke.

According to the same Official Xbox Magazine rumour round-up that brought word of Fable IV in 2013, the reboot will be done "with the long-discussed Duke Begins, but not until Aliens: Colonial Marines is done".

Gearbox took over ownership of the Duke Nukem IP from 3D Realms last year, so it's not much of a stretch to assume that the company would want to eke some more life out of the property. Gearbox was also attached to the mysterious Duke Begins project prior to the developer taking ownership of the Duke IP.

Source: CVG


Ryan550 23 Aug 2011 00:41
I am hardly surprised.. I mean its not as if they acquired the IP just to release Duke Nukem Forever and then forget about ever making another game for the franchise.

However.. Since this would be the first Duke Nukem game to be made by Gearbox from the ground up, I would definitely be interested in it simply because Gearbox is brilliant at what they do (at least in my opinion but there you go).
Considering how Duke Nukem Forever was the rehashed left-overs of 3D Realm's development of the title, this is Gearbox's first proper shot at making something out of the franchise and that alone is promising considering their history with games.

Put it this way.. Gearbox knows that Duke Nukem Forever was a huge disappointment to such an extent that so many gamers cannot harbor enough hatred for it due to the fact that there is so much love for the franchise
amongst many gamers. Gearbox is well aware that the next Duke Nukem title must be the "Duke Nukem Forever that all the fan's have been waiting for" and like I said above.. Gearbox did not acquire the franchise just to let it die here..

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