Analyst: Take-Two Up for Activision

Apparent discontent within Rockstar.

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Analyst: Take-Two Up for Activision
Take-Two would accept a takeover bid from Activision following industry rumbles of unhappiness within Rockstar's studios.

T2 CEO Strauss Zelnick may be looking to offload the company with positive expectations for L.A. Noire making the company run by his management group attractive. Rumbles of unhappiness within Rockstar have been making up background noise and the lure of some hot IPs to Activision's back catalogue may prove to be too great for CEO Bobby Kotick to resist.

Meanwhile, US analyst service First Adopter predicts that with a $13bn market cap, Activision buying out Take-Two for $1.5-2bn is a "no brainer, especially since you have nothing now outside of Call of Duty and Blizzard.

"With Take-Two Kotick picks up IPs like Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Red Dead and the NBA 2K series for a tiny fraction of his market cap. If I was CEO, I'd do it," it wrote on its Twitter page.

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