Manhunt 2: 11 New Scary Screens

lock up your children, folks, Take-Two's at it again

Posted by Staff
It seems even God (via his earthly avatar, Jack Thompson) has been able to stop the inexorable march towards the launch of Manhunt 2. To keep things moving along, Take-Two has released the PS2 screens below.

Manhunt 2 puts players in the prison garb of an escaped prisoner who must kill his way out of captivity from the sinister Pickman Project.

The game's announcement immediately attracted media condemnation thanks to the original Manhunt being linked to the death of Stefan Pakeerah. The police's finding that the game was not in any way responsible for Pakeerah's death was obviously sufficient to encourage Take-Two to release this sequel. Whether the company's recent boardroom shake-ups will curb its successful philosophy of provoking controversy remains to be seen.

Anyway, enough politics. Take a look below to see the new screens in all their brutal glory, and if that doesn't sate your appetite you can find a trailer here.


Joji 2 May 2007 14:23
This sequel looks much better and I'd invest in a copy. Screen look good. Think the Wii version would be better though.
Jack Thompson 2 May 2007 18:11
Manhunt 2 will never be released.

Jack Thompson, Attorney
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John Thomas 2 May 2007 18:38
go jack, go!

given recent demonstrations by yrself (assuming this really is JT posting) it seems the industry has given u pleny of rope and now yr hanging yrself a little at a time
Colby 2 May 2007 20:38
Assuming thats Jack Thompson up there, then you should realize you have a restraining order. Oh wait a min, nvm forget about that. Go ahead and open up another few frivolous law suits. I don't think anyone would mind this time.

I will do what I can to get this game assuming the controls aren't tacked on like the unfortunately large amount of Wii games.

Personally, I would like free range motion with the Wii controller. So you could do things like, pick up a piece of glass on the ground then free range control it into some guards eye. Then give us some way of hiding our corpses. Take a page from Dead Rising and let us use almost everything as a weapon.
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