The Warriors' Cyrus Sues Take-Two

Legal ball-drop opens case

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The Warriors' Cyrus Sues Take-Two
Take-Two is finding itself in legal wranglings for the second time in two days, as a legal omission in the recent Warriors movie spin-off prompts an actor from the movie to sue the Rockstar parent company for $250,000 in unpaid licensing.

"Can you dig it?" The actor is none other than Roger Hill who played slow-moving bullet magnet Cyrus in the stunningly camp 1979 flick. When the Warriors was released late last year, there were rumblings that suggested Hill had rejected an offer from Take-Two to use his likeness. Apparently, this was indeed the case, with Hill's suit outlining a claim that following this rejection, negotiations were terminated.

Hill is seeking a modest (read: likely to be easily settled out of court) $250,000 for the use of his face in digital form, as well as an injunction to bar any further use of his likeness.

Take-Two simply stated that it has an existing third-party licensing agreement that covers the use of the Cyrus character and the likeness of Roger Hill.

Take-Two's legal bills must be rapidly mounting with the firm targeted more than any other games company by litigious individuals and organisations, usually with complaints relating to the smash hit Grand Theft Auto series. It was revealed yesterday that the Hot Coffee scandal is far from over as one New York county demanded documents relating to the development of San Andreas.


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