Jade Empire Comes to PC

It’s special, so special...

Posted by Staff
Take Two Interactive is to release a special edition of Jade Empire stateside in January 2007, called - funnily enough - Jade Empire: Special Edition. A PC-only release, and confirmed for only the US at the time of writing, the special edition will include new monsters and artificial intelligence, new and more cunning enemies, jazzy new visual effects and fighting styles, and a book of artwork (cough).

The original Jade Empire from developer Bioware – also behind this PC update - was a highly-rated Xbox hacky-slashy/RPG monster of title. You could choose to play as a hero or villain and immerse yourself in magical martial arts and supernaturally powerful fight scenes. The game featured some of the most worrying looking creatures this side of a Friday night out, a mere superhuman leap and a bound from where we sit as we write this rubbish.

There’s no word on Jade Empire: Special Edition making an appearance outside of the USA at the moment, but we doubt it’ll stay over there exclusively. As soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.


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