New Tokobot is PS2-bound

Tecmo’s cutesy mini-mechs swings onto home console.

Posted by Staff
Take-Two has just sent us the latest details on Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri for PlayStation2 – an enhanced version of the popular PSP title released earlier this year.

Should you need reminding, Tokobot’s storyline follows Bolt, a young fella living in a fantastical place called Moritari “...where a prehistoric race once created extraordinary technology”.

The storyline continues: “Lost for millennia, this technology is now being excavated from ruins by private laboratories. However, the rediscovery of the Tokobots, wondrous mini-mech companions, catches the attention of evil treasure hunters, who plot to use their powers to take over the world. It’s up to you, playing as Bolt, to put a stop to their dastardly plan.”

Bolt has to attach himself to Tokobots (hence, his name) to create useful ‘Karakuri Combinations’, such as ladders, swings and gliders. Perhaps the coolest feature in the game is when Tokobots merge and go into ‘Overdrive’, becoming weapons such as the Samurai Hover, Mega Hammer, or SuperTank.

Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri is billed as an enhanced version of the PSP game, which was released earlier this year. In Tokobot Plus, players will see new levels and a host of exclusive characters, as players try to uncover the secrets of the Karakuri robots.

Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri releases on PlayStation 2 on November 17, priced £19.99.


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