Mafia II - The Golden Age of Crime

New screens!

Posted by Staff
While gamers' eyes are hard-fixed on Take-Two Interactive and the impending arrival of its adrenaline-fuelled fest of gunplay and outlaw driving, Grand Theft Auto IV, let us not forget to keep our eyes on...

...Take-Two, for another adrenaline-fuelled fest of gun-play and outlaw driving.

Namely, the publisher has Mafia II coming out under its 2K label. The game, according to the publisher, fuses "high octane gun-play with white knuckle driving and an engaging narrative". Don't worry, however! This one's set in the '40s and '50s! The golden age of crime (or so the soft tint to these screens would have us believe)! Totally different concept... Lest we forget, here are some new screens.

The game is developed by 2K Czech, which was Illusion Softworks until Take-Two bought it in January. You can find more on the title here.


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