Rune Confirmed For Playstation 2 Latest Shots

Another PC to PS2 conversion.

Posted by Staff
The PC adventure game Rune has been confirmed for PlayStation 2 by Sony, publisher Take 2 and developers GOD.

The game sets you in charge of Ragnar a Viking Warrior who has to prevent the masters of the netherworld from bringing about Ragnarok. For those of you not completely fluent in ancient Norse, (you should be ashamed of yourselves!) Ragnarok is A fated time when the gods will battle with giants and man, thus bringing the end of the world.

For those of you into this kind of warriors and wizards, monster fighting-type stuff, this looks like just the ticket. There will also be a multiplayer arena mode in which players can fight it out just for the hell of it.

Rune is pencilled in for a July release.


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