Latest Grand Theft Auto Trailer Right Here!

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Latest Grand Theft Auto Trailer Right Here!
OK, so everybody is now on tenterhooks for the release of the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer release (let alone the October release of the game itself) - as reported by us this morning - but what about the other soon-to-be released GTA for the still best-selling PS2?

As you'll more than certainly realise (unless you've been living in your own Big Brother house with similar brain capacity to the usual residents) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is the prequel to the original Vice City, and is due out on PS2 next Tuesday, (March 9th). As you might need just one more incentive to tip you over the counter... the bottom of this story, you’ll be able to download the very next trailer.

Originally released for PSP in October, the game takes place in 1984 and is based on the life of Victor Vance, the brother to Vice City star Lance Vance.

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hollywooda 5 Mar 2007 10:04
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Fernando 23 Jun 2008 03:15
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