Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii

Wii control system becomes a problem

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Florida Attorney General Targets Manhunt 2 On Wii
The Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, has jumped on the anti-Manhunt 2 bandwagon, focusing on the Wii version.

Talking to Fox News' anchor Orlando Salinas, he has apparently expressed concerns about the interactivity involved with the Wii Remote. The game mechanic will require players to simulate acts such as slashing, stabbing and sawing. The PS2 and PSP versions, by contrast, are receiving no attention from McCullom.

It's expected that the footage will air closer to Manhunt 2's July 9th release date. McCollum's exact word's are not yet known, but his press secretary did issue a suitably vague statement reading:

“Attorney General Bill McCollum is concerned about any games which may instill violence in children, particularly games that encourage children to engage in violent behavior, even in simulation. He believes it is important to help protect children from influences which may introduce violence into their lives and stresses the importance of parental involvement in the efforts to keep these influences out of our homes and away from our families.”

Followers of anti-gaming crusading will be unsurprised to hear that SPOnG's pal Jack Thompson has his fingerprints all over McCollum's comments. He was also interviewed by Fox, and in May he wrote a letter to McCollum and Florida Governor Charlie Crist warning them of Manhunt 2's evils.

Jack Thompson's feelings on the subject are well known to SPOnG. In a recent e-mail to us which detailed copy he's sent to the Federal Trade Commission, Thompson said, “...this murder simulator is available on the Wii motion-capture gaming platform, which allows anyone to move ones physiognomy to rehearse the killing. Maybe a corporate officer of Take-Two has to be killed by a copycatting gamer for this company to 'get it.'”

As far as we're aware, the 'physiognomy' is the face - we're unsure how the Wii controller can be used with the face. We are also unsure how the Wii is a motion-capture device. We also think that it is incitement to violence to suggest that someone 'has to be killed'.

SPOnG checked McCullom's website, and although he's happy to rattle off consumer warnings on subjects ranging from insurance to modelling, there's no mention of Manhunt 2.

SPOnG contacted Nintendo to see what the platform holder has to say on the subject, and was told, “The game is/will rated accordingly based on its content - we are making no further comment at this time.” Rockstar responded similarly, telling SPOnG, "no comment."

To find out more about Manhunt 2, see SPOnG's dedicated game page and preview.

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Joji 7 Jun 2007 15:02
It was only a matter of time before these maggots wormed their way back into the media, with this same old song, while hastily forgetting the results of their last outcry over CCE. It ended with egg on their face.

Protect the children, the sky is falling. Manhunt 2 is gonna sell loads now but was gona anyway cause it look good and its from the infamous lot that did GTA.

I hope Wii Manhunt is really good.
madjo 7 Jun 2007 15:08
The only point I would like to drive home to these attorneys is that M-rated games (such as Manhunt) should never be able to be put in the hands of minors. But that is not Nintendo's fault or Take2's responsibility. It's the store-owners responsibility to make sure that the ratings are enforced.
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Antonio Scordo 7 Jun 2007 15:53
I'd just like to point out a couple of things.

1st, M rated games (this will be that for sure) are not to be sold or given to minors in the first place.

2nd. If parents are concerned about this, then they can set the parental controls in the Wii, and thereby limit the games their child can play based upon the rating.
If a parent set the rating at Teen, and the kid puts in a Mature game in, it won't play. As easy as that.

I'm sick and tired of the goverment stepping in because there are a few lazy parents out there, that can be bothered with parental controls, or even with caring what their kids play.

I'd never let my kids play that game, but I do know alot of other parents that wouldn't hesitate to buy it for their kids. Seems to me that since providing alcohol or tobaco to a child under age is against the law, so should be providing M rated games to a minor. Banning the game is not the solution, holding retailers and parents accountable is.
Joji 7 Jun 2007 18:08
I know that are trying to keep these games out of minors hands. They have a ratings system on games there, but if those that are parents choose to ignore it, that's their problem. Stores do their part.

I think perhaps they should ID people stateside when they buy mature games, if its bothering them so much.

Perhaps adopt our BBFC system too, only thing that goes against that idea is most games being released there first.
crs117 7 Jun 2007 18:42
i would like to personally thank take 2 for 2 things...

1. providing wii with a whole ass load of free publicity that will surely ensue as this title approaches release.

2. secondly with propelling the wii from the status of "kids only"

thanks take 2 and i look forward to more of your games.

Smelly 7 Jun 2007 19:02
Wasnt JT told he wasnt allowed to pester T2 any more?

Or am i confused?
Smelly 7 Jun 2007 19:02
Wasnt JT told he wasnt allowed to pester T2 any more?

Or am i confused?
otakugamergt 7 Jun 2007 20:24
Now they can be sure that this games are reaching just "children.."
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