Sony, Hasbro, Take Two Sued By Ghost Rider Creator

Ghost Rider creator goes postal over conspiracy charges

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Take that Take Two! Comic book guy goes bonkers...
Take that Take Two! Comic book guy goes bonkers...
Reuters reports that Ghost Rider comic (sorry, 'graphic novel') creator, Gary Friedrich has filed a 61-page complaint citing an "unauthorized 'joint venture and conspiracy to exploit, profit from and utilize' his copyrights to the comic book character.

Take-Two comes into the frame because Friedrich claims that it, "improperly created merchandise based on the characters".

Friedrich and his company filed the papers with the US federal court in Illinois in April 4th, caliming 21 violations based on the movie (and spin-offs). Friedrich claims the copyrights used in the film and in related products reverted from Marvel to him in 2001.

The news agency reports that, "Friedrich alleges copyright infringement, and accuses Marvel of waste for failing "to properly utilize and capitalize" on the Ghost Rider character. Marvel's attempts to do so, Friedrich claims, have only damaged the value of his work by failing to properly promote and protect the characters and by accepting inadequate royalties from co-defendants. "

The suit states that, "...without any compensation to and without any agreement, consent or participation of plaintiff ... in late 2006 or early 2007, the defendants herein wrongfully embarked upon a high-profile campaign, arrangement, joint venture and conspiracy to exploit, profit from and utilize plaintiff's copyrights, the Johnny Blaze character and persona, the origin story and the related characters and personas created by plaintiff, in various endeavors, including, but not limited to, the use of the same in movie theater presentations and promotions, commercials, action-figure toys, video games, clothing and novels."

Our resident comic expert, Mark, comments, "At least the law suit looks more interesting, with a better plot, less comic booky and more exciting than the film."

As for the game, well... not even a court case could make that playable.


Jordan Lund 12 Apr 2007 17:04
Will someone please explain to Friedrich that he created Ghost Rider under Marvel's "work for hire" contract so popular in the 70s and 80s which means that he doesn't own the character, doesn't own the copyright and has no legal claim to how the character is used?

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