Take 2: GTAV Online Out Performed Expectations

Pretty big expectations then...

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Take 2: GTAV Online Out Performed Expectations
"Revenue from Grand Theft Auto online outperformed our expectations in the fourth (financial) quarter, and was the single largest contributor to our digitally delivered revenue in the fiscal year." So says Take 2 today.

This revenue is related to this stat: "More than 70% of those who played Grand Theft Auto V while connected to the Internet played Grand Theft Auto online."

Another stat of interest? Says Take 2, "Rockstar Games have also given players tools to create and publish their own in-game content. As a result, players have created over 7 million pieces of content for Grand Theft Auto online to-date. We look forward to the future of the ever evolving world of Grand Theft Auto online."

And there is more coming, "Rockstar Games will continue to support both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto online with new concept updates including the upcoming launch of cooperative high commissions which will allow players to work together in new ways for substantial rewards. In addition Rockstar Games plans to release more updates throughout the spring, holiday themed event updates and story mode content. We will have more to share about our unannounced fiscal 2015 releases in the coming months."

Source: Seeking Alpha


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