Take-Two Boss: Digital Could be 40 Percent of Business by 2013

Doesn't see it as impacting on packaged biz heavily

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Take-Two Boss: Digital Could be 40 Percent of Business by 2013
The chairman and CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, has spoken up on the increasing amount of digitally-distributed games content, saying that he sees that means of content delivery accounting for up to 40% of the company's business by 2013.

Zelnick discussed the growth of the distribution method but also highlights that he doesn't see it diminishing the physical media-side of the publisher's output due to "huge file sizes". He also championed the developments taking place with the OnLive cloud computing games service, which Zelnick explains is "doing a phenomenal job of addressing that challenge" posed by network latency. His company's own Mafia II has been used heavily in promotion of the service.

The Take-Two CEO also added regarding the matter that by 2013 "I think you can see digital distribution to be 20, 30, 40 percent of our business". However, he reiterated his belief that the Take-Two business will grow and that digital will not impact in any large degree on retail and won't "take a bite out of consoles".

He also briefly touched on games for the iPad and other tablet devices in terms of how their popularity will grow over the next couple of years, but noted that the main focus for the publisher remains with games titles for consoles.

Source: Bloomberg via Gamasutra


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