BioShock: Take 2 Gave It Time Says Levine

My new corporate masters...

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BioShock: Take 2 Gave It Time Says Levine
Speaking to SPOnG in, BioShock's Ken Levine explains - among other tidbits you'll be able to read in the full interview coming later today - that the Art Deco look of the game was not his first choice. The game not only changed following a meeting with his "corporate master" but the creative juices were also given ample time to flow.

Says Ken, "Well, actually, it wasnt from the word go it took a while for us to get there. A few months before E3 last year, we did a prototype, and I brought it to my new corporate masters at Take 2 and I showed it to them, and they asked me what did I think. I said: I think its terrible actually, and we need to start over. The great thing about having a company like Take 2 is that they said: OK, go ahead and start over."

So, maybe the recent news of GTA IV's slipping into next year is more corporate policy than corporate cock-up.

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