UK Charts: a Summer Holiday boost

GTA stands firm at the top, Prey closing in

Posted by Staff
Itís been the start of the glorious long summer break for many school kids over this last week, and as such, itís given a mini-boost to game software sales, particularly in the PC budget sector. It seems Ďver kids cannot get enough of cheapo PC games.

It also seems that PS2 gamers cannot get enough of Grand Theft Auto, with the budget PS2 release of Rockstar/Take 2ís GTA: Liberty City Stories standing firm at the number one slot in the ELSPA and ChartTrack All Formats/All Prices chart this week, for the fourth consecutive week.

If you're wondering what the fuss is about, take a look at SPOnGís review of this latest outing of the controversial series and the dedicated GTA: Liberty City Stories page.

Following closely behind at number two this week is 2K Gamesí long-awaited native American weirdy-beardy first person shooter, Prey. This innovative shooter Ė out on Xbox 360 and PC Ė was originally a PC concept from ten years back, so the company must be glad to finally have it see the light of day!

It's worth noting that Prey went straight in at number one on the All Formats/Full Price, the Xbox 360 and the PC/Full Price charts. Itís a shame that it couldnít knock GTA: Liberty City Stories off its All Formats/All Prices top perch. Still, a good week for Take 2 and itís various subsidiaries, whichever way you look at it.

Further down the top five, New Super Mario Bros. drops one place to number three, Disney/Buena Vistaís Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest hops up the chart four places to number four (oooh, wonder why?) and Activisionís movie tie-in Over The Hedge falls two places down to number five.

Nintendoís Brain Training continues to sell well, dropping only one slot to number six this week. Football fans getting revved up for the imminent Premiership, having now fully recovered from the trauma of the World Cup, continue to buy Konamiís budget price Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and EAís FIFA World Cup 2006 both hanging in firm in the All Formats top ten this week at seven and eight respectively.

Itís a bumper week for movie tie-ins this week, with the marketeers keen to cash-in on the school holiday spending (and parents across the land keen to have their bored offspring out of their hair!). EAís Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II gets a magical shot in itís Elfin backside this week with the release of the Xbox 360 version helping it shoot right back up the chart to number nine.

The two other new entries into the top twenty this week are both movie related, with Ubisoftís Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow straight in at 10 and THQís Cars puttering into the top twenty at 16. THQ's other movie hopeful, Alex Rider: Stormbreaker is nowhere to be found in the All Formats arena, but a keen eye will spot it entering, rather pathetically, at number 19. Expect both Stormbreaker and Cars to enter the All Formats top 10 in the coming weeks, as the movies come to UK theatres this Friday and next, respectively.

Finally, in news of other movers and shakers, it's a bad week for Sega with the firm's mech-warring Chromehounds dropping a shameful nineteen places and a superb week for Nintendo's Touch! Generations campaign, with Big Brain Acadamy climbing twelve places up to number seventeen. Finally, there's the unusual re-entry into the full price charts of EA and Criterion's BLACK. Following a slash in price to just above of the budget threshold, the game re-appears at 26 in the All Formats charts, 10 on PS2 and actually takes the number one spot on Xbox.


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