Take 2 to publish City Crisis for the PlayStation 2

Helicopter do-goodery snapped up by Take 2

Posted by Staff
Developed by Syscom of Japan, City Crisis is a game that even before release, has gained a high level of underground support.

City Crisis is a helicopter game in which you must buzz around a make-believe city, performing various deeds for the good of humanity. Overseeing high-speed car chases, putting out fires and rescuing hostages is all in a levelís work.

Today, Take 2 has announced that it has snapped up the publishing rights to the game across the world.

"City Crisis is a fast paced, arcade-style thrill ride," stated Kelly Sumner, Chief Executive Officer of Take 2 Interactive. "With a quick learning curve and a fresh approach to the helicopter genre, City Crisis is definitely a game that everyone can pick up and enjoy. Take 2 is excited to add City Crisis to its amazing lineup of entertaining PlayStation 2 titles."

The game is expected to go gold on the 17th of July


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