Jack Thompson May Face Jail for Contempt

Take-Two's legal eagles file "Petition for Order to Show Cause"

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Jack Thompson - Crusader for goodness and joy!
Jack Thompson - Crusader for goodness and joy!
SPOnG’s favourite right-wing anti-gaming sparring partner, US attorney, Jack Thompson, could be facing some jail time if it’s ruled that he can be held in contempt of court.

This startling new turn of events follows on from the legal shenanigans in Florida’s Miami-Dade court surrounding Thompson’s calls to have Rockstar’s Bully (Surely, ‘Canis Kills Editor’ or whatever it’s called. Ed) banned which SPOnG told you all about earlier this month.

Philadelphia-based lawyers, Blank-Rome, representing Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive have called for the ‘crusading’ attorney to be held in contempt of court, following his outburst over Miami-Dade’s Judge Ronald Friedman’s ruling to that Bully/Canis should not be banned. After viewing the game in his chambers, Friedman decreed the game was fit for sale and contained less violence than the average US citizen saw on telly every night.

This was all too much for Jack, who accused the judge of smiling as he passed the ruling and, it seems, had some choice words to impart to the officers of the court.

Take-Two’s legal eagles are now asking that Thompson be held in contempt of court for these comments. SPOnG is not yet able to tell you exactly the content of the unlawyerly outbursts; but it doesn’t take a High Court Judge to speculate that they were less to do with swearing on the bible than with plain swearing.

Lawyers from Blank Rome, have filed a "Petition for Order to Show Cause" which, if granted, will compel Thompson to appear in Friedman's court to explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court.

Jack’s response to Blank Rome? In a typically outspoken rejoinder, as we have come to expect, Jack has informed the media that, "The motion to show cause filed by defendant Take-Two is a transparent, panicked attempt to cover up the misconduct, including the fraudulent misrepresentations to the public and to this Court, by its employees and its counsel, Blank Rome."

In an hilarious email to GamePolitics, Thompson also added, “You want to play hardball…? You want to try to throw me in jail? You have no idea what you are unleashing in doing this. You’re at the brink…”

More on this interesting twist in the tale as we get it. SPOnG's full review of Bully/Canis is being finalised as we go to press, so watch out for that one shortly. The game is finally available to buy this coming Friday (27th October) so do yourself a favour and go get a copy. You can then see for yourself that, as well as being a cracking schoolboy caper, this whole teacup storm instigated by Thompson is indeed little more than a waste of US taxpayer's money.


PreciousRoi 24 Oct 2006 13:12
It is to hearty laugh.

Meh, I'd be more exited about this if it were the judge seeking contempt, but then I suppose if it were, he'd just announce it, and Jerk would be sporting the latest in orange casual jumpsuits. Seems kinda strange that opposing attorneys get to initiate contempt proceedings, but hey whatever gets this menace off the streets...
soanso 26 Oct 2006 12:41
does this guy have an actual 'proper' job?
I was tempted to write a load of comment entirely composed of sweary words
but in the end. I can't be bothered.
He's the sort of guy who's made up his mind about something, right way or none and isn't going to change it.
and for a supposed lawyer isn't weighing up all sides of the evidence.
Maybe someone should buy him Pheonix Wright. Ace Attorney.

Instead it's Jack Thomson, S**te Attorney ;D
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