More Vice City Protests

US retail giant bears the brunt of Haitian uproar.

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More Vice City Protests
Wal-Mart (or Asda, as it’s pronounced in the UK) became the latest target in the recent ‘Haiti versus Rockstar/Take 2’ protest, with around 100 Haitian-Americans demonstrating outside its Florida supercentre over the weekend. Representatives of Haitian organisations, churches and other political clubs, united on Saturday to protest against the sale of GTA: Vice City – the game that is so famously under scrutiny for encouraging players to kill Haitians.

In a report on, a South Florida news site, a Wal-Mart spokesman said that the company had no plans to remove the game from sale, adding, “Our focus is on our customers and we offer products we believe they want. These games are selling well and we've had few customer complaints.'' It was also mentioned that the 17+ age rating is strongly adhered to and that ID is required from younger customers.

Speaking on the matter, publisher Take Two has said that certain ‘objectionable statements’ are to be removed from future copies of the game, but has not yet commented on the possibility of a recall.


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