Thompson Backs Down On Racketeering Claim

Claims “the better to destroy Take 2”

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Thompson Backs Down On Racketeering Claim
Jack Thompson has amended his answer and counterclaim to Take 2's complaint against him through the courts. The new document makes no mention of racketeering or the RICO statutes. As such, SPOnG finds itself no longer caught in the crossfire.

Thompson still maintains the majority of his defence against Take 2's claim. However, Thompson’s counterclaim, which previously weighed in at nearly 20 pages, has been whittled down to a meagre paragraph. It now simply reads,

“If the court finds that it has jurisdiction over this matter, it should review the video games in question, allow a review of those games by this defendant and then hear argument if requested by this defendant as to wherein the Plaintiff should be enjoined from distributing video games to minors.”

The removal of the bulk of Thompson’s counterclaim means Take 2 is no longer being accused of racketeering by Thompson. It also means that SPOnG, along with others such as GamePolitics and Kotaku, is no longer accused of collaboration and conspiracy with Take 2 for racketeering activities. Needless to say, it looks less likely that SPOnG will be receiving its threatened deposition any time soon.

When SPOnG contacted Thompson to query why the amendment has been made, Thompson responded, “for excellent reasons that you would be the last ones I would share with. but the better to destroy take-two. you'll see. we know what we are doing and you don't.”

Does Thompson have a cunning and insidious plan? Has he just realised that attacking a games company with laws designed to take on the Mafia is a bit daft? SPOnG will keep you informed as more information comes to light.


madjo 2 Apr 2007 18:24
Get with the program Thompson.. most games that Take2 puts out aren't for minors in the first place.. that's where the ratings come in.
The law should not be a replacement for parenting!

Or does Thompson really only want to play these games before anyone else can?

btw, is he really using "we" in his statement? Who are the others, or is this grand-standing?
RiseFromYourGrave 2 Apr 2007 20:58
haha he realised hed screwed up with that whole racketeering thing, retracted the statement and is now acting like he didnt concede anything, that it was part of his plan. this is schoolyard stuff, but i wouldnt expect anything less (more?).
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madjo 2 Apr 2007 21:06
RiseFromYourGrave wrote:
this is schoolyard stuff

schoolyard stuff? :) Has 'good ole' JT been playing Bully, I mean, Canis Canem Edit, again?
Svend Joscelyne 2 Apr 2007 21:12
"We know what we are doing and you don't."
Who's we, you got a turd in your pocket?

South Park, you gotta love.
Stuart 17 Apr 2007 15:24
you'll see. we know what we are doing and you don't.

Hmmm. Is it just me, or does that quote sound like it be followed by either a) Maniacal Laughter, or b) 'Nerr nerr na nerr nerr'?

The guy (Thompson) is a complete loon. Anyone capable of walking into a university and shooting 32 people dead, then committing suicide, has a real problem, which no doubt existed before they picked up a joypad and played a computer game. Mr Thompson seems to think that gamers are unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality, but it's not gamers, it's psychopaths like this guy in America that are unable to distinguish in that fashion - they don't need to play computer games to have deep-rooted issues. I'm unsurprised to see it, but Thompson shamelessly uses this tragedy to further his own 'cause', and that, my friends, is the sign of a sick person. Rather than say 'this is a tragedy', he says 'Look! He might have played computer games once! Burn them all!'. The people that commit these tragedies don't need computer games to justify their actions, they have a problem inside them, at the point where 'normal' people would say 'no, this is wrong', they carry on without a thought for their actions. Is it down to a computer game they played once, or is it down to the fact that their Mother didn't say 'I love you' enough to them? Who knows?!

Frankly, I welcome the Take 2 / Thompson lawsuit - roll on being heard openly, although should Thompson be told that he's being a loon, no doubt he'll find a way to dismiss the findings against him as a collusion between the forces of darkness and the American legal system.
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