BioShock's Levine Still Negotiating with Take Two

Doing little for share price

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Ken Levine
Ken Levine
Take-Two, which is still a target for Electronic Arts, has still not managed to complete negotiations with BioShock main-man, Ken Levine.

Levine founded System Shock devs Irrational Games, which has now become part of the Take-Two subsidiary 2K Game. Now, according to The New York Post (so, pinches of salt all around), Levine is in negotiation for a contract that, "...could include the potential to earn points - much like actors do with movies - based on how much business the next installment of BioShock and any other games that he develops produce."

Apparently this is, " meant to atone for the fact that Levine's salary and bonus won't rise to the level of the two creators of Grand Theft Auto at Rockstar Games." Rockstar is, of course, also owned by Take-Two Interactive.

The Post also adds 'a source' telling it, "But BioShock isn't Grand Theft Auto. It's not even in the same universe."

Whatever the case regarding the negotiation, one fact is unquestionable and that is that even with EA's $25.74 (12.50) per share bid for Take-Two still on the table, the latter's actual share price has been in decline for some weeks.

Since a high (closing price) of $27.65 (13) on June 6th, the price on NASDAQ has taken a downward slope, closing on with it's opening this morning being below the EA bid at $23.80 (11.75).

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