Take-Two Raising Millions for Acquisition?

Take-Two Interactive in Possible Acquisition

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Take-Two Raising Millions for Acquisition?
Grand Theft Auto dev Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive is raising $200 million. As it is currently not in debt, this looks very much like one of two things: fighting off and acquisition or going on its own buying spree.

The deal is that T2 has issued $200 million worth of credit notes that mature in 2016, these can be converted back into cash once they have matured. So, is T2 looking to the mobile gaming sphere? The release of GTA: Chinatown Wars on DS and PSP was a commercial flop, however the release of the same game on iOS turned the tide and generated a large profit for the company.

There is also the upcoming 25th Anniversary release of Grand Theft Auto III on iPhone, iPad and Android firmware.

Source: Take-Two Interactive Website


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