Take-Two Sues Chicago TA Over Pulled GTA IV Ads

Publisher claims free speech violated

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Take-Two Sues Chicago TA Over Pulled GTA IV Ads
Take-Two, the parent company of GTA-maker Rockstar, has sued the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) following the organisation pulling ads for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Also facing the accusing finger of Take-Two is Titan Outdoor LLC, the CTA's sales agent. The publisher has taken the case to the Manhattan Federal Court, claiming that the two organisations violated both its free speech and contractual rights.

The agreement ran to the tune of $300,000 (152,000) and should have seen GTA IV ads placed on the side of buses and in other transit display spaces over the course of six weeks.

The CTA, however, pulled the ads after just a few days. That came following a FOX News report that shamelessly linked the ads and a notably violent weekend in Chicago.

Take Two now seeks to have the ads run and seeks compensation of at least $300,000 (152,000).

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Source: Reuters


SuperSaiyan4 6 May 2008 11:18
I thought the term freedom of speech was by voice did not know it also included the ability to put up banners and posters and ads...Interesting...
deleted 6 May 2008 12:37
silly isnt it, less than a week and court action from GTA4 already, `sigh`, what i find funny is how Fox owners of IGN made IGN pull its article on killing and sex in GTA4 lol
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