Duke Nukem to Return in Time for Xmas?

Could it be? Amazon listing points to December release.

Posted by Staff
One of the hazards of games development is ?development hell?. The intentions of the developers always start off well ? they spend forever working on their game because they want it to be just right. But just when they?re nearly finished, somebody points out that the market has changed from what it was when they first started, and technology has moved on. Often, any efforts to try and make any last minute changes cause enormous problems with the code ? yet more time must be invested to make fixes and alterations. So much time, in fact, that by the time the game looks finished the goalposts have moved again. And so the cycle goes on.

While this struggle is going on behind the scenes, we consumers can only wait patiently for any news at all of a final release date. One of the most popular sports that has arisen as a result is 'Amazon Watching'. Of course, the dates that Amazon lists games being available from is by no means gospel ? it?s often an educated guess and they?d rather put something than nothing: let?s not forget the false dawns of Half-Life 2.

One game that has languished in development for more than its fair share of time is Duke Nukem Forever. And it would be very easy to get excited about Amazon suggesting the Duke will be blasting his way back into our lives on December 2. They even have a picture of the pack art, but then so do we.

Don?t get carried away just yet. In the meantime, we?ll bring you more news on the release of this long-anticipated title as we get it.


Greg2k 4 Oct 2005 15:09
Two words sum up the problems behind DNF: "George" and "Broussard". His decision to change the game engine 50-odd times has only made the developers' life more miserable.

Anyway, there's nothing I'd like more than to be mistaken and playing Forever this Christmas. That would be just grand.
way 5 Oct 2005 03:09
What engine is he using now days. For that matter, what is the engine history, past the Unreal to Quake change?
locopuyo 5 Oct 2005 23:55
Started with Quake 2 engine, moved to Unreal Engine. If they are still actually making it perhaps they moved on to the Unreal 3 engine or something close. I think they also listed it as an Xbox 360 game in the xbox magazine. Hopefully it becomes a game some day.
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