This Week's Videogames Charts: Rugby and Winter Sports on the up

Plus, the UK doesn't Love Katamari.

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Rugby Challenge 2006
Rugby Challenge 2006
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After a week-long fall from grace, Need for Speed: Most Wanted returns to the number one spot in this week's All Formats chart from ChartTrack, for the ninth time. One more week at the top and it will equal its predecessor Need for Speed: Underground 2, which managed 10 weeks at the top throughout late 2003/early 2004.

Last week's number one, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 champion title Dead or Alive 4 drops down to number six, with a disappointing 54% drop in sales over last week, contributing to a corresponding drop in Xbox 360 sales, which are down 42% in units since last week.

There are no major new movers in the top five. Its still the usual suspects at numbers two, three and four - The Sims 2, Pro Evo 5, and FIFA 06. Ubi’s King Kong drops a couple of places down to number five.

Its good news elsewhere for Ubisoft however, with Rugby Challenge 2006 the only new entry in the top ten, debuting at number seven. The game has been released just in time for the Six Nations, and seems to have been well received by rugby fans across the UK.

It's also a good week overall for sports titles, with another seasonal sports tie-in climbing up the chart this week in the shape of Take 2’s Torino 2006, which whooshes up from number 38 to number 13.

However, it's a bad week for inspired original IP, with EA/Namco’s sticky-ball-rolling beauty of a game "We Love Katamari" not even making the top 20, scraping in at a pitiful 23.

Its official. UK Gamers seem to prefer average licensed sports titles to inspired and original videogaming genius.


Funky 7 Feb 2006 12:59
Nobody's going to pay full price for a puzzle game, nobody cares how clever it is, it just won't sell. We want titles with more action, not ones that look like they'd be at home on Nickelodeon...
Smelly 7 Feb 2006 15:20
gawd! Please tell me you're joking? People like you are the reason why no-one makes any decent games any more.

Although cant help but feel something as good as that would be better off on a nintendo console where people appreciate quality, as opposed to endless fps/racing games.
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DoctorDee 7 Feb 2006 15:38
Funky wrote:
Nobody's going to pay full price for a puzzle game, nobody cares how clever it is, it just won't sell. We want titles with more action, not ones that look like they'd be at home on Nickelodeon...

I love Katamari. I was just playing it now, and it took every once of will power in my body to tear myself away long enough to...
config 7 Feb 2006 17:02
This is a widespread problem in the SPOnG office at the moment. I have a feeling that, when the big hand next strokes six (that's 1730 for those with digital chronometers), we'll be fighting over the joypads.

Currently I kick Mr Floppy's ass in the two-player games, the big antipodean sissy ;)
Funky 7 Feb 2006 23:58
Just because a game has zombies, cars, guns etc. doesn't mean it isn't original. The only people who will pay £30-£35 for Katamari are people who know what it is, and want a puzzle game. Anyone else seeing a game case that looks like it's been drawn by a child - I don't care if it's Japanese art style or whatever the hell it's meant to look like - will not pick it up, it's not worth the risk. I've played Katamari and don't see what all the fuss is about, I didn't find it addictive or compelling at all, it was just rolling a ball around collecting items.
king skins 8 Feb 2006 11:58
Games are two expensive. People will not take the risk of buying something they are not sure they will like or even enjoy for £40.

If there is a game I'm not sure I'll like I wait for it to turn up in the second hand section for £20 or less.

I know lots of people who do this, especially older people.
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