Take Two - Layoff News 'Erroneous'

No studio reductions

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Take Two - Layoff News 'Erroneous'
Take Two has responded to an earlier story today in which MCV quoted industry insiders stating that the company would be laying off up to 20% of its global workforce.

The story stated, "MCV understands that cuts will be made across both its publishing and studio operations - and we have heard word that one or two staff at some divisions have already been made redundant."

Succinctly put, the company says, "To be clear, there were no reductions made at the studio level."

In fact, according to the UK trade outlet, "The company denies that it will make any significant cuts - branding current rumour and speculation in the trade that it will do so as 'erroneous'."

Take 2's statement continues, "As part of Take-Two’s stated goal to maximize the efficiency of our business, we initiated a targeted restructuring of our corporate departments only in order to better align our resources with our current goals.

"Some of these changes were associated with the pending sale of our Jack of All Games distribution business."

So, no studio lay-offs. None... would a studio merger count?


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