Take Two Teams Up With Nickelodeon

Controversial publisher does it for the kids

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Dora, with suspicious looking back-pack, tries not to get shot on the London underground by mistake.
Dora, with suspicious looking back-pack, tries not to get shot on the London underground by mistake.
Take Two has announced that 2K, the new golden boy of its publishing group, is forming a brand new publishing label called 2k Play, and it's aimed at kids. The new label will kick off its portfolio with a couple of games based on Nickelodeon properties – Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go!.

"The 2K Play label targets the growing market of casual gamers interested in accessible, high-quality products", said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "It will be home to games that are fun and engaging for players of varied skill types and ages. Our exciting initiative with Nick Jr will offer a host of games featuring world-famous brands that appeal to the family-friendly gamer."

If the facts Take Two is throwing around are anything to go by, getting Nickelodeon on board should indeed appeal to the “family-friendly gamer”. According to Nielsen, which monitors media audiences, Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! are apparently the two top-ranked TV shows for kids between two and five in the U.S.

"We welcome our new partnership with 2K Play", said Shaul Olmert, vice president/Digital Media products for Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group. "This is the first time Go, Diego, Go! is coming to handheld and console systems and will mark Dora the Explorer's debut on the popular Nintendo DS system. We are excited to welcome 2K Play into our growing family of innovative digital products."

The move is something of a leap for a company famed for its controversial games. If Take Two's not careful, Jack Thompson might not even bother acting as the Hand of God to topple the publishing giant. SPOnG just hopes that our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his new mate Tanya Byron are paying attention as they set about investigating our filthy, evil, naughty industry.

2K, meanwhile, is going from strength to strength. Once the poor cousin of Rockstar, 2K's currently having a strong run commercially and critically as well as building hype with the likes of BioShock, The Darkness and the recently announced Borderlands.


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