GTA IV Freezing on PlayStation 3?

Xbox 360s also affected?

Posted by Staff
Reports are emerging that the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV is freezing up.

One blogger, Matt Griffin, writes, "Alright, so I got home from the midnight release with my copy of GTA IV Collectors Edition unpacked it live on the feed installed and guess what, it froze! I tried a couple more times and it even have reinstalled 3 times, it still keeps freezing. I am not alone, from the looks of it, it is the 60 GB Launch PS3 that is having the problems and might be just the Collectors Edition of GTA IV."

Various forums also carry similar reports. The problem is not limited to the Collector's Edition, however. It is also not isolated to the 60GB PS3, although that version seems to be the main offender. There have been some gamers with a 20GB PS3 that have also been caught out. The 40GB and 80GB PS3s appear to be unaffected for now.

It has also been suggested by Griffin that the Xbox 360 version is also being affected, although SPOnG has yet to see a first hand report to that effect.

We contacted Rockstar for comment, but none was available at the time of press - we have been promised a call back however, and will report the comment as soon as we receive that promised call.

Are you having any problems with your copy of GTA IV? Tell us in the Forum.


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smitdawg 30 Apr 2008 13:30
I have a launch 60 gb machine. I can't play it for over ten minutes and it freezes everytime. I have done the uninstall reinstall fix numerous times with no luck.
Peter 30 Apr 2008 13:51
I have a 60gb launch ps3 and the collectors edition of GTA4. Arrived yesterday at 11.00hrs and i didn't stop playing or turned my console off for the next 12hours. amazing game sorry to all you that have suffered.
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Roy 30 Apr 2008 14:54
i had the same problem with the game freezing on my 80gb PS3, I took advice of g4 and deleted the hard drive data and reinstalled it. Now it works fine.
Tim Smith 30 Apr 2008 14:58
Roy wrote:
i had the same problem with the game freezing on my 80gb PS3, I took advice of g4 and deleted the hard drive data and reinstalled it. Now it works fine.

Thanks for that.

Roy wrote:

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PreciousRoi 30 Apr 2008 15:01
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sonystation3 30 Apr 2008 16:17
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wendeeee 30 Apr 2008 16:58
its not a rumor, it just hasn't happened to everybody. unfortunately, it did happen to me........... played for about 2 hours with no problem then the next few times i tried it froze after about 15 minutes. even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. no go.
PS380GB 1 May 2008 00:02
I have an 80GB and it keeps freezin on me as's not just the 40GB
Charlie 1 May 2008 00:03
I've got a 360 and ps3...decided to buy it on the ps3 as got more mates with a ps3. game has frozen twice now....once after the multiplayer tutorial and once partly through a mission. have clocked about 6 hours before experiencing freezing. I have a 40GB ps3.
When it freezes I have to switch the ps3 off and on again....
headcasephil 1 May 2008 09:54
lanch 60gb ps3 upgraded to 250 gb only had 1 prb but not with game only with network i heard that it is manly 60gb ps3 that are having problems but in many forums that are saying upgraded hdd are not see if thay can sort it out on regards to 360 no problems at all
Sunshine 2 May 2008 16:55
The one thing i am worried about is all the system crashes that sony has recieved from GTA iv disabling the dvd drives. On in the forums many have said GTA 4 ruined their systems and due to this Sony is back ordering repairs of any consoles. now this is happeneing with the 40, 60, & 80 gig versions. I think i will stop playing GTA4 until a fix is presented. LONG LIVE PC GAMING!!!
Donna 2 May 2008 19:42
Hi my partner got it and guess what it froze on his 60gb ps3 doing his head in so yes it is doing it maybe not on the 40gb and 80gb but it is doing it.
steve fish 3 May 2008 01:53
No probs here on a launch ps3. I had probs on my 360 though not gtaIV related just my third RROD. I am so glad I bought the ps3 version it would have sucked not being able to play for two weeks. I did actually have a prob with getting into multiplayer on my ps3 yesterday but I think that was a server issue not a ps3 issue. I think there are people experiencing problems but it is not related to a specific version or console for that matter. Look to rockstar to post a patch soon for both the 360 and ps3 to fix both versions.
Antonio 3 May 2008 06:04
I have the ps3 version and had no prob with up until tonite where it froze about 7-8 times i had to reboot the ps3 now for me it came not with the first mins of the came it came like 25 missions in....I can tell there is a prob cus also when u hit the ps button to either quit the game or turn the ps3 off it takes longer then it should and Beepes 4 times and just restarts...even though i hit shut down
Matt 3 May 2008 18:18
my 60 gb ps3 keeps frezzing and i have done about 20 missions, it never froze before that and is so annoying
Paul Goodman 3 May 2008 21:08
Cant believe it - Installed, and freezes at the STARTING NEW GAME screen. Re-installed and it worked, but stalled at the opening credits, and back to the STARTING NEW GAME sceen! Please help!!
Person 7 May 2008 16:59
To get past the STARTING NEW GAME screen i was stuck too, just disconnect the internet and then try
Unknown 15 May 2008 11:36
My PS3 froze while playing GTA IV Collectors Edition and it now won't read discs. I've got to send it away and wait at least 3 weeks before they return it.
hyperkane 9 Jan 2009 00:49
Downloaded PS HOME now problems with freezing and sounds with GTA IV (regular addition) on PS3 40G ---- 1-8-09
G 2 Jul 2009 18:27
@hyperkane Did you get anywhere with this? Mine started freezing up at random intervals. Have reinstalled, reformatted the console, bought a new copy of the game and nothing works. Onlly suggestion on the rockstar site is to disable network, turn of auto-save, turn off controller vibration, lower graphic details - so what's the point in having the game. Sony can't help as it plays all other media and games fine...oddly mine started in April this year as well....was there a PS3 update about then?
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